February 25, 2020 Transformation

Focus on outcome not the mechanics

Too many Agile transformations/adoptions fail because there is more emphasis on framework mechanics than outcomes. Outcomes drive results and build confidence in the transformation. Ultimately outcomes are the reason why you would start a disruptive transformation like Agile.

Leaders that are exploring Agile are looking for delivery speed, quality, transparency, adaptiveness to market changes, and overall results. However, as teams start to adopt some form of Agile, teams get grounded on the mechanics of the framework and lose focus on the goals of the transformation. Teams send reports with Scrum lingo and metrics that are only related to team health and not delivery health. Communication used bt the teams lacks proper linkage to the goals that started the transformation work. Over time, such transformations lose leadership support and old norms creep back.

To find success in your organization’s transformation, treat your transformation like a product. Understand your customers, deliver to customer goals, get regular feedback, and refine your approach.